Construction Projects

Modernizationparapet wall

Since the voter approval of tax-based funding in 2001, the District has focused on dam modernization projects which typically raises the height of the dam to safely pass the required percentage of the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF). The final dam modernization project will start in 2020. 

As first step in risk management association with the Dam Modernization projects, the District created a network of rainfall and reservoir gauges at its 23 District dams and later added four new stream gauges on Brushy Creek and one on Lake Creek. Real time data is available on the District’s Rain Map as well as the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) website.

Dam 8 is the final dam requiring upgrades. It is expected to be under construction in 2020. For more information about Dam 8 project follow the link below.

Dam 8 - Modernization 


The youngest dam in the District’s inventory is over 50 years old. It difficult to age gracefully when you are exposed to gravity and the Texas weather for over five decades. The District inspects all its dams regularly to evaluate their condition. These health checks allow staff to make sound management decisions, investing resources in the right places at the right time.

In 2017, the District began an comprehensive assessment of the existing dam inventory including their current capacities, conditions, and associated risks. The final report and associated tools were complete and published in 2020 providing the District a risk-based prioritization program for need studies, repairs, and rehabilitation projects. With the Dam Modernization Program wrapping up, the District now has limited funding available to start rehabilitating the aging dams.

Dam 22 - Repair and Rehabilitation

New Construction

The Lake Creek Flood Mitigation Projects (Dam 101, Dam 102, and 620 Quarry modifications) are designed to substantially reduce flooding in the District’s largest damage center (which was later identified as the largest damage center in Williamson County). The District and the City of Round Rock began collaboratively evaluating the Lake Creek Flood Mitigation Projects via an Inter-Local Agreement (ILA) in 2014. That agreement was updated and replaced with a 2018 ILA.

Dam 101 is a new proposed dam developed from the District’s 2013 Watershed Study and subsequent 2016 Flood Protection Plan that identified the flooding risks within the District’s jurisdiction.

Dam 101 - New Flood Mitigation Dam