Dam 8

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Dam 8 – Modernization 

Dam 8 Location Map

The  District  contracted  with  AECOM,  to  design  the  Dam  8 Project. The  project  will  modernize and rehabilitate the dam to meet current standards. Originally built in 1959, the dam is suffering from the normal aging, wear and tear. Additionally, the dam is the last dam within the District’s inventory that needs improvements to meet the updated TCEQ Dam Safety requirements regarding safely passing  the  Probable Maximum Flood (PMF). The District began the process of evaluating the entire structure for additional repairs and modifications that should be made in conjunction with the project.

Project Improvements Include:

  • Widening secondary spillway to safely pass the PMF
  • Refurbishment of the aging primary spillway conduit
  • Other adjustments including addressing wave erosion on the front slope and reducing potential slides on the rear slope

Project Funding:

Total project costs including engineering, easements, inspection, and construction is approximately $7 Million that will be funded out of the District’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funds.

Project Timeline:

  • 1959  Original Construction – Dam was constructed by Soil Conservation Service (now NRCS).
  • 2021 Modernization Project
    • 2016 - 2018 Assessment and Preliminary Design - The District evaluated existing dam conditions, performed field assessments, and completed preliminary design and permitting.
    • 2018-2021 Repair and Rehabilitation Project – The District adjusted the original design to better meet landowner preferences and District needs.The final repair and rehabilitation design will be permitted and bid by Summer 2020. The constructions should be complete by Fall 2021.  

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