Dam 22

Dam 22 – Repair and Rehabilitation  

The District contracted witDam 22 Location Maph Freese and Nichols, Inc. to design the Dam 22 Project. The project will repair and rehabilitate the existing dam to current standards. Originally built in 1959, the dam is suffering from the normal aging, wear and tear. Additionally, the dam experienced a surface slide in 2015 after long saturating rains. The slide was immediately stabilized, and the dam fully evaluated. With the risks managed, the District began the process of evaluating the entire structure for additional repairs and modifications that should be made in conjunction with the project.

Project Improvements Include:

  • Permanent repair of previous slide and stabilization against future slides
  • Replacement and right-sizing of aging primary spillway conduit
  • Other minor repairs including adjustments to the parapet wall

Project Funding:

Total project costs including engineering, easements, inspection, and construction are estimated at approximately $2 Million that will be funded out of the District’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funds.

Project Timeline:

1959    Original Construction – Dam was constructed by Soil Conservation Service (now NRCS).

2011    Modernization Project – The District raised the dam to meet updated TCEQ Dam Safety regulations

2021    Repair and Rehabilitation Project

(2015) Slope Stabilization – Slide stabilized with assistance from Williamson County and grant funding.

(2016-2017) Project and Grant Evaluation – The entire dam’s health was evaluated by the District, State, and Federal agencies for additional repair and rehabilitation needs and potential grant funding.

 (2018-2021) Repair and Rehabilitation Project - After evaluating various options including dam removal, the repair and rehabilitation design should be submitted for permitting in 2020 and then construction

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