Dam 101

Dam 101  New Dam

The District contracted with AECOM, to design the Dam 101 Project. Lake Creek Projects Opens in new windowThe Project was developed from the District’s 2013 Watershed Study and subsequent 2016 Flood Protection Plan that identified the flooding risks within the District’s jurisdiction. The Lake Creek Flood Mitigation Projects (Dam 101, Dam 102, and 620 Quarry modifications) are designed to substantially reduce flooding in the District’s largest damage center (which was later identified as the largest damage center in Williamson County). The District and the City of Round Rock began collaboratively evaluating the Lake Creek Flood Mitigation Projects via an Inter-Local Agreement (ILA) in 2014. That agreement was updated and replaced with a 2018 ILA.

Project Improvements Include:

  • Construction of a new dam
  • Any necessary adjustments to the existing Dam 9 structure that abuts the new dam

Project Funding:

The initial project design funding ($1M) to the 30% milestone was paid by the District. The City committed funding ($2M) the completion of the design. The District will secure the necessary land and easements expected to exceed $5 Million. (Construction funding has not been identified.)

Project Timeline:

20??     New Dam Project

(2014 - 2017) Assessment and Preliminary Design - The City of Round managed the design effort that included performing field investigations and completed preliminary 30% design plans.

(2018-2021) Final Design – The District assumed the project management role to finalize the field investigations, easement and land acquisition, and design. In late 2019 and early 2020, the benefits of the project and collectively of the suite of Lake Creek Flood Mitigation Projects were reevaluated considering the impacts of the updated NOAA Atlas 14 rainfall. The final design plans are expected to be complete by Winter 2021.

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